Vicsal Foundation Scholarship Program empowers future leaders
Vicsal Scholar-GraduatesVicsal scholar-graduates (top row, from left) Faith Krystal Baba; Florence Marie Aton; (bottom row, from left) Marco Romano Corpus; and Jenevive Comaingking.

In the ever-evolving educational landscape, corporate sponsorship offers invaluable resources and opportunities to aspiring individuals. Scholarship programs, mentorship opportunities, and educational partnerships not only alleviate financial obstacles but also foster an environment conducive to continuous learning and development.

Vicsal Foundation, Incorporated (VSF), operating as the philanthropic arm of Vicsal Development Corporation, exemplifies this commitment by providing vital support to financially challenged yet deserving youths through the VSF Scholarship Program. Established in 2007, the program has provided significant assistance to over 260 graduates, facilitating access to education for aspiring scholars in the region.

VSF Graduates 2023VSF scholar-graduates (Class of 2023), together with the VSF Board of Trustees headed by the President and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Marco Eric G. Ang de Leon. (Sitting from left: Ms. Floradema B. Jayme, Ms. Lucille S. Malazarte, Ms. Mary Jennifer V. Musni, Ms. Margaret Gaisano-Ang, Mr. Marco Eric G. Ang de Leon, Dr. Edward S. Gaisano, Mr. Jeff Oliver G. Gaisano, Mr. Aljim C. Jamandre)

According to Faith Baba, a graduate of the program and now employed as a financial analyst at Metro Retail Stores Group Inc., VSF was a helping guide in finishing scholars’ education. “It lifted the weight of financial worries,” she says. “VSF enabled me to pursue my dream degree and embark on my career path by providing me the support I needed to focus on academic excellence without the burden of expenses.

Marco Romano Corpus, another graduate of the program and currently excelling at Taft Properties under the umbrella of the foundation, attested to the influence of the scholarship on his personal development. As a VSF scholarship recipient, I feel a deep sense of recognition for my efforts and achievements. This acknowledgment has boosted my confidence and motivation, driving me to excel academically and actively contribute to my chosen field, says Corpus.

VSF Financial AssistanceVSF scholars at the University of San Jose-Recoletos receive financial assistance.

Beyond financial assistance, the VSF scholarship program provides scholars with a supportive community and valuable resources to thrive academically and professionally. According to scholar-graduate Florence Marie Aton, now a Reports Specialist for Store Operations at Metro Retail Stores Group Inc., the program's comprehensive support enabled scholars to pursue their career aspirations with confidence.

“Joining Metro Retail Stores Group Inc. was a direct result of the support provided by the VSF foundation. Even before graduation, the company extended job offers to scholar graduates, including myself,” Aton states. VSF shaped my career path and influenced my professional journey in profound ways.

Similarly, Jenevive Comaingking, a scholar-graduate and now a Finance and Accounting Manager in a multinational company in Manila, underscored the community and opportunities provided by the VSF scholarship program.

“VSF was the beacon of hope that illuminated my path to success. It provided not only financial support but also invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth.” she reflects. “Through VSF, I found a supportive community and gained experiences that shaped me into the person I am today. Participating in the foundation’s community outreach programs and environmental movements allowed me to see the power of giving back and inspired me to strive for excellence in all aspects of my life.

VSF Community ProgramVSF scholars participate in a community program organized by the foundation.

These stories highlight the significant impact of corporate-sponsored scholarships, such as the VSF program, in empowering individuals to pursue their goals, overcome obstacles, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

By investing in education, businesses not only support aspiring scholars but also contribute to the development of a skilled and innovative workforce vital for societal progress and economic growth. As the VSF program continues its work, it remains dedicated to creating opportunities for future generations of students.

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