Metro Retail Stores elevates partnerships for business growth through Mareng Ems Program
DTI Gold Bagwis Awardees 2023Photo shows Mareng Ems, the welcoming face of MRSGI’s business support program.

Metro Retail Stores Group Inc. (MRSGI), a prominent player in the retail sector, has unveiled its new and improved Mareng Ems Program. Tailored to enhance collaborations and to serve as a comprehensive support system for businesses, particularly within the dynamic Sari-sari Store (SSS) and Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering (HoReCa) sectors, this initiative aims to nurture the company’s robust and mutually beneficial relationships with its business partners.

According to MRSGI, the Mareng Ems Program represents a multi-faceted approach to business development, offering not just points and rewards but an entire array of benefits geared towards paving the way for robust partner growth.

"As we unveil the Mareng Ems Program, we are reaffirming our commitment to nurturing enduring partnerships and fostering growth," says Manuel C. Alberto, President and Chief Operating Officer of MRSGI. "Our aim is to provide our business partners in the SSS and HoReCa sectors with tailored solutions that prioritize their unique needs. We want to maintain MRSGI's reputation as a steadfast and dependable partner in the retail sector."

The Mareng Ems Program, accessible through the free Metro Business Club (MBC) membership, offers a range of benefits to empower businesses in these sectors. As a certified business owner, one becomes a Mareng Ems Member upon signing up for free. New members receive a Starter Gift Pack and a free PHP100 Gift Voucher upon purchasing at least PHP10,000 worth of Metro Groceries.

The program provides essential services to support the growth of MRSGI’s partners. Other advantages it offers include free membership, points conversion, and up to a 3% rebate on monthly purchases. Additionally, partners can engage in raffle promos, explore a cellphone loading business opportunity, access a credit line for business capital, and receive dedicated after-service care. The program also offers free online business lectures, special treats on membership anniversaries, and a complimentary Metro Medical Check-Up.

These benefits form a comprehensive support system to meet the diverse and evolving needs of partners. Customers can earn points through their MBC membership and convert them into rewards through the Mareng Ems Program. These rewards include competitive pricing, tailored promotions, and a robust rewards system that includes points, power points, and strategic partnerships with third parties. The program also places a strong emphasis on convenience, offering flexible payment options and versatile pickup or delivery services.

DTI Gold Bagwis Metro BaybayPhoto shows (from left) Manuel Degamo Jr., Store Operations Area Manager Non-Cebu; Sonia Mayol, Sales Coordinator-Wholesale; Marineth Paiton, Sr. Sales Manager-Wholesale; Estrella Regis, Sales Manager-Wholesale; Maricel Florita, Sr. Sales Manager- Retail; Manuel Alberto, MRSGI President and Chief Operating Officer; May Sasedor, Store Operations Area Manager South Cebu; Elvies Silades, Sales Coordinator Wholesale; Glenda Navares, Stores Operations Regional Manager-Visayas; Fili Mercado, Chief Merchandising Officer; and Fidela Villamor, Store Operations Area Manager North Cebu showcasing the benefits for businesses at the launch of the Mareng Ems program.

The official launch of the Mareng Ems Program was marked by a lively event that brought together MRSGI employees, business partners, and distinguished guests. The launch event signified the commencement of an innovative initiative designed to foster collaborations and offer exclusive benefits to businesses. The atmosphere was one of anticipation and enthusiasm, setting the stage for what promises to be a noteworthy development in the retail sector.

At the forefront of this initiative is Mareng Ems herself, serving as the program's friendly and knowledgeable face. Her role is to ensure customers receive consistent value offers, enticing rewards, and seamless transactions. Beyond being a sales associate, she embodies the reliability and proficiency that MRSGI is renowned for.

Businesses are invited to explore the Mareng Ems Program, embracing a holistic approach to partnership. For further information on this initiative, please visit the nearest Metro Retail Store.